Sighting a tiger in the jungle is an exhilirating experience, but the booking part can be a challenge: we, Ranthambhore Tiger Tours, are here to make all that a breeze.

At Ranthambhore Tiger Tours, we are truly passionate about Ranthambore National Park and this will become obvious as soon as you contact us. We strive to deliver an authentic travel experience that allows you to feel and appreciate Ranthambore for all her natural beauty and history. Before you arrive in Ranthambore, we aim to have taken all the hassle out of the safari booking process for you, offering you peace of mind in knowing that your safari is confirmed in advance.

We’re been living in Ranthambhore our whole lives and really know the park inside out. It’s what we do, day in and day out. By taking advantage of our knowledge and years of experience, you’re ensuring the best possible safari experience and leaving nothing to chance. We understand and appreciate that for many of our guests, their time is their most important asset, and that rather than faffing about with the notoriously-challenging official government website, they would much prefer that their arrangements are dealt with smoothly, efficiently and professionally, by trusted local experts.

Lastly, as our office is located on Ranthambhore Road, just a ten-minute drive from the park, unlike many other operators offering safari booking in Ranthambhore we are actually based here. Should you have a question, or in the unlikely event of any problems during your stay, we are only a few minutes away.


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