At Ranthambhore Tiger Tours, we are passionate about delivering an authentic travel experience that allows you to feel and appreciate Ranthambhore for all her natural beauty and history.

We have been living in Ranthambhore our whole lives and know every nook, every story and every secret that Ranthambhore has to offer. Let us share our unbeatable, expert knowledge and introduce you to the heart of the Indian jungle on a tour of Ranthambhore. Our office is on Ranthambhore Road, next to Ranthambhore Regency hotel. Unlike most other tour operators who offer Ranthambhore safari packages, we actually live in Ranthambhore! If you should have any problem whilst in Ranthambhore, we are only every a two minute drive away.


I created Ranthambhore Tiger Tours back in 2005, although I have had over 16 years experience working with Ranthambhore National Park.

Ranthambhore Tiger Tours provides safaris and Ranthambhore services to tourists and many well known foreign travel agencies. 

Ranthambhore Tiger Tours is a dedicated and focused team of experienced staff, all of whom are from Ranthambhore. I am proud to create employment for local people in Ranthambhore, in a small quiet town where there is little work opportunities available. We strongly believe in giving back to our community.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you to Ranthambhore, and I wish you good luck to spot the tiger!

Shiv Gurjar – Owner & Founder