Visit a Local Village for Chai

Visit a Local Village for Chai

Experience an authentic slice of daily life in rural Rajasthan.

Gandhi once said, "the soul of India lives in its villages". He was right. The essence of India lies tucked away in these rural hamlets, seemingly unchanged for centuries. Accompanied by a Ranthambhore Tiger Tours guide, you can steer yourself off the beaten track and visit a village in the Ranthambhore area. This immersive and cultural experience will awaken your senses as you're met by smiling faces, giddy children, and beautiful landscapes. At the same time, wafts of the delicious local cuisine cooking nearby float past you. When visiting a local village in Ranthambhore, you'll have the opportunity to share stories with your hosts over chai (traditional spiced tea) and biscuits. You'll be shown around the home and introduced to the family, from young children to elderly great-grandmothers living under the same roof. The price described is in Indian Rupees and is valid until 30th March 2024. Optional Upgrades - Upgrade to our premium, modified, luxury Jeep: ₹7,500 per Jeep, per trip; - In-jeep refreshments (tea, coffee, water etc.): ₹350 per person per trip; Should you wish to enhance your experience with one or both of the above-suggested upgrades, please let us know at the time of enquiry.


Our prices are inclusive of all entry fees, guide fees, and driver fees. With the exception of gratuities at your full discretion, there'll be nothing further to pay on the day.

Exclusive Experience

Our guided tour of a local village in Ranthambhore is private with a dedicated guide. You're in control of the pace and are welcome to take breaks as and when you desire.

Professional Guide

Our private guided tour of a local village in Ranthambhore comes with one of our top English (and Hindi) speaking guides.

Transfers Included

A private Jeep will collect you from your hotel and chauffeur you to the local village, dropping you back again afterwards.

Ranthambhore Village Visit Timings

We can arrange a guided visit to a local village in Ranthambhore at any time of your convenience. Once you get in touch, we'll discuss a time to best suit your wider travel plans.

₹3,500 per tour

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